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Do You Hit Things?

As karate is primarily a striking art, I have always believed in punch bag, focus pads, kick shield and makiwara, training.You may disagree, but one of my primary objectives with new and experienced karateka, is to encourage them to hit fast and hard. Not only is this an essential part of a striking art, such […]


The ‘Shock Hit’ In And Out Of The Karate Dojo

One of our Karate club’s, Brown Belt’s, was kicked in the head recently with a beautifully timed and controlled mawashigeri (roundhouse kick). He was stunned, shocked and bewildered, but he was ok. The karate kick was well controlled, no lost teeth, no knockout, no broken jaw, no broken nose, in fact, no broken anything. So […]


Continuous Attack Against Amashi Waza

Amashi-waza (body shift and switch) is a form of Go-no-sen (response after opponent’s attack). Amashi-Waza Video Tutorial below this article In its basic form it uses stretching the distance in order to avoid the attack and switch in direction to execute counter attack. The longer the distance involved the easier for initiating side to adjust […]


Kihon Kata or Taikyoku Shodan Shotokan Karate Kata Tutorial

Probably the Most Important Shotokan Karate Kata Kihon Kata Video Tutorial below this article Correct practice of Kihon kata or Taikyoku Shodan is vital to shotokan karate practitioners. This karate kata only consists of two different karate moves, oizuki (stepping punch) and gedanbarai (downward block). But within these two ‘simple’ karate techniques, lay the basic […]

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