Junior Squad


This is the first set of names for this years squads. If you were there, but your name is not here, you may still get in the squad, Marcus just needs to see you again and remember, the squad is not just about training hard on the day, the suad has to train hard at every class!

The second selections will be on 24th and 25th February (details below).

Congratulations to the following people:





Sophie Malone Jack Viera Alex Ingham
Max Willis Katherine Heridge India James
Flo Corp Emma Drydzinski Joel Cooney
Conal Gerherty Jamie Sneddon Jessica Bellamy
Louie Trezise Robbie Sneddon Rhys Williams
Sarah Malone Thomas Robinson Freddy Banks
Isabella Jack Hutchins Elizabeth Heridge
Carolina Phoebe Singleton Jessica Heridge
Meda Charlie Singleton Josh Watson
Daniel Smith Danny Lawson
Szymon Anthony Davey


There is another squad selections coming up if there as anyone else trying to get into the squad. It will also be the first squad session of the year:

  • Pee-Wee selections Friday 24th Feb- 5:00-6:00 (Biggleswade Dojo)
  • Junior and Elite selections Saturday 25th Feb- 9:00-11:00 (RSPB)


The following are not optional squad sessions, (RSPB in RED):






February 24th 5-6 25th 9-11 25th 9-11
March 2nd 5-6 2nd 6-7 + 25th 9-11 2nd 7-8 + 25th 9-11
April 20th 5-6 20th 6-7 20th 7-8
May 11th 5-6 11th 6-7 11th 7-8
June 22nd 5-6 + 23rd 3-5 22nd 6-7 + 23rd 3-5 22nd 7-8 + 23rd 3-5
July 20th 5-6 + 21st 3-5 20th 6-7 + 21st 3-5 20th 7-8 + 21st 3-5
September 23rd& 30th  9-10am 23rd & 30th 11-12pm + 22nd 11-1pm 22nd 11-1pm + 23rd & 30th 12-1pm  
October 12th 5-6 12th 6-7 12th 7-8
November 9th + 16th 5-6 9th + 16th 6-7 9th + 16th 7-8


  • Please let me know about any sessions you can’t make.
  • But miss FOUR sessions and you are out the squad, whatever your reasons.
  • You will be told about any other last minute squad sessions but these are optional.
  • If you mess about or aren’t training had in the normal weekly lessons then you will be kicked out the squad immediately!!
  • REMEMBER, the more you put in the more you get out.


Train hard, but have fun doing it! Marcus

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