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November 22, 2019

10th Kyu Lesson 10 Examination Video And Testing Details

Welcome to our first belt test 🙂

10th Kyu Blue Belt Examination Video And Testing Details

Congratulations on getting this far. Watch the video below, where I will explain what is required for this first belt test. Be sure and practice the lessons within the blue belt course thoroughly.

The basic fundamentals within karate are very important and getting them right now will definitely pay off in the long run. Karateka (someone who practices karate) who neglect the basics, crumble when they come to the more advanced karate.

Four of each technique performed at speed from shizentai or natural stance.

  1. Choku zuki (straight punch)
  2. Age uke (upper block)
  3. Uchi uke (inside block)
  4. Gedan barai (downward block)
  5. Soto uke (outside block)


Here are a few pointers to help.

Keep the shoulders down and relaxed throughout the techniques.
Finish both arms at the same time
Keep the eyes forward
Breath out sharply on the completion of each technique.

Once you are happy with your techniques, film yourself and then upload to your personal youtube account, making the video ‘unlisted’, so no one else can see it on Youtube apart from the people you send the link to. Then email the video link to Sensei Huckle at ~


Good Luck


How to upload your video to youtube.

​Make your video ​unlisted and don’t forget to hit the publish button after upload.

​The next course and examination is for orange belt 9th Kyu. Oss!

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