Free Karate Videos

Hello and welcome to our free video area. The first video is a stretching video. Stretching is an important part of karate practice, not only does it help prevent muscle strain, it also helps keep the body soft and supple. Michael is demonstrating the stretching video and is very flexible, please don't think you have to stretch like Michael. When we stretch at karate, everybody has different flexibility, as long as you remember this one thing, stretch your own body and tremendous benefits will be had from stretching alone.

Video 1 Stretching

Video 2 Forming A Fist (Seiken)

Video 3 Straight Punch (Choku zuki)

Video 4 Upper Block (Age Uke)

Video 4 Outside Block (soto uke)

Video 5 Inside Block (uchi uke)

Video 6 Downward Block (gedan barai)

Video 7 Front Kick (mae geri)


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