March 10, 2011

Karate Kata Tips

Kata (form) Tips

1.Technique. This is the first area to work on in kata, concentrate first on getting the order of the kata correct, then slowly but surely work on the small detail of all the karate moves.

2. Kime (focus). Kime is where your body is relaxed, then tensed, then once again relaxed. On the fast moves in kata, try and stop completely, for a split second.

3. Timing. Each kata has its own rhythm and timing, noise becomes music when timing and different pitches of sound are added. Karate kata is the same, without rhythm and timing kata is just a mess of karate moves. This rhythm and timing can be changed later on to suit the individual karateka.

4. Breathing. Kata is a great for working on correct breathing, there are fast, light and slow moves in karate kata, moves that hold tension and moves that are relaxed with zanshin (awareness). Try and breathe silently and smoothly.

shotokan karate kata

5. Agility. When practicing the kata at speed, try and turn, spin and change directions quickly, this will improve your karate agility immensely.

6. Bunkai. Every kata practiced at speed, should be thought of as a fight. Try to take the kata combinations into kata and real world applications (Bunkai), giving the karate moves focus and application.

7. Center of gravity. Keeping the center of gravity low and at the same height In the basic karate kata is very important, try and remain the same height throughout the kata, with this only changing if there is a jump or karate technique from the floor.

8. Mushin (no mind) Bruce Lee once said ‘When I hit, I do not hit, it hits all by itself’. This can only come after many, many repetitions and the same applies to kata. The ultimate performance of kata is where the kata is executed with the Mushin state of being. No thought, it just happens!

Your kata will be as strong as your spirit and imagination, as each fast move should be delivered as if it was your last!

When you first attend karate classes, many sensei say kumite (sparring) is the spirit of karate and kata is the soul. I completely agree with this saying and to me, kata is karate, i hope you like these karate kata tips..

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