Mae Geri, Kizami Zuki, Gyaku Zuki, Gedan Barai

This is a combinations for the 5th Kyu purple belt examination.

Again at 5th Kyu we are working on shomen and hanmi, so we are trying to get this movement to high standard before moving onto the Brown belt syllabus. Work hard at shomen hanmi as it’s one of the most important basic fundamentals in Shotokan Karate.

For your 5th purple belt exam, we would like to see 2 combinations lightly, forward and backward and 2 combinations fast, forward and backward

From a left Gedan Barai (downward block) in Zenkutsu dachi (front stance).

1. Step forward Mae geri with the right leg, then Kizami zuki, with the right arm and make sure the body is in the hanmi (side facing) position.

2. After Kizami zuki, without stepping, punch Gyaku zuki with the left arm, drive off of the back leg and rotate the hip and body into the shomen (square facing) position.

3. After the Gyaku zuki, block Gedan barai with the right arm and make sure the body is in the hanmi (side facing) position.

Mae Geri, Kizami Zuki, Gyaku Zuki, Gedan Barai

This combination is for the purple 6th kyu examination is helping develop a good understanding of shomen (square facing) and hanmi (side facing).

It is important when practicing this combination, that you do not push the front knee out on the reverse punch, or let the front knee collapse inwards on the third technique. There is a slight ‘pulling in’ of the front and back thigh on completion of gyaku zuki (reverse punch). Keep the head facing forward throughout the combination, try and move forward and backwards in a straight line and keep the same height. When starting the forward step, do not move the front foot until you are at least half way through the step. When starting the backward step, do not move the back foot forward just before you step.

Stepping Forward

1. Starting from a left side gedan barai (downward block)
2. Keep the gedan barai arms in place as you kick Mae Geri (front kick) chudan (middle level or body) or Jodan (upper level or head)
3. At the same time the right foot lands after the kick, rotate the body strongly driving the right side of the body and hip forward and around into the hanmi (side facing) position and execute the Kizami zuki punch.
4. As the punch lands, drive the left heel back into the floor tighten the muscles for a split second, especially muscles under the punching arm, abdomen and the back and inside of the thigh muscles and buttocks, them immediately relax.
5. Once again drive from the left heel and execute a gyaku zuki (reverse punch) chudan (body). Bringing the body and hips into the Shomen (square) position.
6. Now finish the combination with a gedan barai (downward block), Bringing the body and hips into the Hanmi (side) position.
6. Mawate (turn) and repeat going back

Top Tips
Punch on your centre line (Seichusen).
Keep the shoulders down and relaxed.
Keep the hikite stationary whilst kicking
Work on the rotation at completion of the kizami zuki and try and get a sharp snap of the hips and body as the punches and block completes.
Stay relaxed throughout the step, then kime on completion.
Try and move in a straight line and not in an arc

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