The Benefits Of Karate

Fitness, Energy And Health
Karate practice involves the use of every muscle in the body, making it an excellent workout. Because karate Involves the whole body, it helps develop agility, balance, accuracy, coordination and flexibility. karateka (someone who practices karate) who have never been good at other sports, quickly become fit, strong and suprisingly good at other sports after training in karate.

Karateka can improve at his or her own pace. Karate practice can be as easy or hard as each person wants it to be, the karateka is in total control, so as skill and fitness improve, so can the physical and mental intensity of practice.

Character Development And Success Values
While karate is obviously a system of self-defence and fitness, traditional karate practice also promotes character development and success. The karate dojo (training hall) is an environment that does not tolerate negative social behaviour, but instead focuses on respect and courtesy. Karate practice strives to develop an indomitable spirit within the karateka, where respect, patience, self-confidence and a ‘Never Quit’ attitude are cultivated.

Social Karate
Karate is a great place to socialise and meet new friends. Life long frienships are often made in the dojo and a good dojo realises the importance of social events with dojo members and their families.

Karate-do (the way of karate)
The physical fitness and self defence benefits are clear to see, but the ultimate aim of karate, is that people then take this karate practice and apply it to their everyday lives; at home, work and school/university.


Linden Huckle


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