December 19, 2012

Zanshin Club Competition 2012

Saturday 24th November 2012biggleswade karate competition

This years inter-club karate competition took place at Biggleswade karate club and was a huge success. There was kumite (sparring), kata (forms) and team kata (3 people moving in unison), for all ages and grades.

All the kids showed tremendous spirit and even the smallest and most nervous karateka, showed everyone how hard training and dedication eventually pays off.

The 8-16 years kata was very exciting, with a very high level of karate being performed. The technical skill of some of the competitors was a real joy to see.

The 14 – 16 years kumite was very scary, they were fast, strong and 100% committed to each karate technique they executed.

As each year goes by, the level of our karateka rises and it’s fantastic to see so many karateka progressing and excelling in the art of karate.

Congratulations to everyone who entered


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