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June 19, 2012

Zanshin Black Belt Academy Black Belt Exam June 10th 2012

The big day was finally here for Paul Ruddock, Helen James, Grant Norman, Lukas Halakiewitz, Oscar Norman, Lewis Amos, Thomas Robinson, Jamie Sneddon and Robbie Sneddon.

zanshin karate club black belt exam
Black Belt Exam RSPB 10/06/2012

The day began with the black belt run at The RSPB in Sandy. The run should be the easy part of the day, so if the guys have trained correctly, the run should be a comfortable warm up for the main exam. Everybody completed the run with ease. We always have someone hiding at the most difficult part of the run, because everybody knows that if you stop at any point on the run, it’s an automatic FAIL!

The black belt run has a staggered start, so one of the Sensei controls who goes first, then leaves a couple of minutes between people. Half way through the run, the karateka have to demonstrate the bo kata, then as soon as they finish the kata, they continue with the run.

Everyone trained hard, so the run was easy 🙂 Now on to the dojo!

Everybody arrives at the dojo then gently starts stretching and warming up. We give everybody time before we commence with the exam.

Basics first! For the guys taking black belt we start with the white belt basics, then orange belt basics, yellow belt basics, purple/white belt basics, then brown and the finally shodan intermediate basics. All the basics are performed at full speed and power. Everybody will then have a rest while the next group are up. Time to take on much needed fluid and fesh air!!

Zanshin Karate Club
Zanshin Karate Club Black Belt June 2012

Kata next! For people taking black belt, kihon kata, all the Heian kata, Tekki Shodan, Kanku Dai, Jion, Bassai Dai, Empi, Hangetsu and Seipai are performed. Each person then chooses their favourite kata to finish.

Finally the kumite! All the kumite is demonstrated by the karateka taking shodan (1st Degree). Sanbon kumite, kihon ippon kumite, jyu ippon kumite, one for one sparring and jyu kumite shobo ippon (1 full point).

The black belt exam is a very special time for our karateka, for people who do not have a good understanding of what karatedo is, many believe, achieving black belt is where it ends, but really, it’s where their karate starts.

Pass or fail we are very proud of every person who gets to the black belt exam, it shows dedication, perseverence and tremendous effort.

Well done to everyone who attended the June 2012 Zanshin Blck Belt Exam. Ossu!!!!!

Pictured from left to right back row, Lukas Halakiewitz, Helen James, Paul Ruddock, Oscar Norman, Grant Norman, Front row, left to right, Robbie Sneddon, Lewis Amos, Thomas Robinson and Jamie Sneddon


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